Lisega Supports

Performance With System

The LISEGA group of companies is the leading specialist for industrial pipe support systems and the world’s largest Engineered Support Manufacturer.

While the specific requirements for piping systems can vary greatly, the vast LISEGA product range can satisfy all support situations, operational loads, temperatures, and travel ranges to the highest technical level. With a complete portfolio of over 12,000 standardized items, LISEGA has crafted the most comprehensive modular pipe support range worldwide.

Manufacturing Excellence

A high degree of automation, efficient series production, great flexibility in special constructions, and expertise in corrosion protection has set LISEGA apart.

Renowned Quality International approvals and certifications, diligent inspection of incoming goods, and rigorous quality checks during manufacturing deliver the superior quality LISEGA is known for.

Diversity in Industry

LISEGA is dedicated to providing solutions for critical systems among a wide spectrum of unique industries:

Modular System for Compatible Connections

Only a high level of standardization in support components can adequately satisfy the justifiable demand for products that are both technically top-class and economically attractive. LISEGA standard supports fit the following criteria:

  • Standardized product groups
  • Symmetrical design shapes
  • Compact installation dimensions
  • Extra wide adjustment ratios
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Easy to install designs

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