Fabricated Pipe Supports

Service to Specification

CTS Industries has supplied custom pipe support components for a wide array of applications across various industries. We understand that projects can vary greatly in both requirements and scope and therefore pride ourselves in supplying high caliber supports to any required specifications. We bring over 40 years of experience to ensure that each fabricated support is of the highest quality, delivered in a timely manner, and provided economically.

Extensive Experience

CTS Industries has been involved in numerous projects, both large and small, and we bring this experience to every project we undertake. Our staff are well versed with industry standards and practices and are eager to ensure no details are overlooked. This extends to the vast array of material grades and finishes or design elements. CTS Industries can supply supports based on a client supplied package or sit down with a client to find the most efficient solution to their particular needs.

Efficient Execution

CTS understands the need to have quality supports supplied in a timely manner or according to specific schedules. This ensures no extra expenses are incurred having labor sit idle while waiting for materials to arrive at their destination. It also ensures critical schedule dates do not slip and negatively impact project completion dates. CTS has implemented an effective Quality Assurance program and has standing arrangements with many of the local courier and freight companies to ensure pickups are done on a daily basis from our Edmonton distribution facility. We will always exhaust all possible options to meet required deadlines without sacrificing support quality.

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