Pipe Pads & Saddles


Reinforcing pads are used to reinforce or strengthen a high-stress point on your pipe. They affix to the pipe at a point where the pipe is being affixed to another. Repads are made of a material that matches the original pipe, including the thickness, and are often made from cuts of the pipe itself.

Wear pads are simple pipe supports that create a cushion between the pipe and surrounding surfaces. Wear pads are useful to prevent against friction damage, metal-on-metal corrosion, and vibration damage.

Poison pads are intended to permit the welding of dissimilar materials without affecting the parent material which would make it susceptible to rust. An example is in the welding of carbon steel legs to stainless steel vessels which would ‘poison’ or contaminate the stainless steel.

Pipe saddles may come in a variety of different forms depending on the application. The main component is a convex piece upon which the pipe will rest. Pipe saddles may be reinforced or connected to a base and may have a clamp type top attachment to keep the pipe in place.

We can fabricate repads, wear pads, poison pads, and pipe saddles to any specification.