When your system requires a long-term, low maintenance, field serviceable solution, ADSCO Slip-Type expansion joints are the answer. ADSCO Slip-Type expansion joints are the culmination of over 100 years of evolution and engineering excellence. In addition to a variety of standard designs, engineers can and have customized joints for extreme movements, temperatures, pressures, diameters and various media.

Throughout the year, building faces, concrete slabs, ducts and pipelines will expand and contract due to the warming and cooling through seasonal variation, or due to other heat sources. Before expansion joint gaps were built into these structures, they would crack under the stress induced.

This overall definition of “Expansion Joints” covers a wide range of products. ADSCO products deliver high-quality, dependable performance for the long-term. ADSCO specializes in Power Plants, Petroleum Plants, Chemical Plants, and District Heating and Cooling.

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