Safety Sign Post Systems

CTS Industries Ltd. is a stocking distributor of safety sign post systems.

We have large inventories of square perforated Poz-Loc telescoping sign post systems and the U–Flange rib backed and flat back sign posts.
The Poz-Loc product is stocked in master lengths from which we custom cut material to suit our customer needs.  Whether your need is for 1-1/2”square to 2-1/2”square we have it.
Our U-Flange offering includes 4#, 2# and 1.12# light weight sign posts in various lengths. All U-flange have a hot dip galvanized finish.

Sign post systems would not be complete without a selection of accessories. Whether your needs are:

  • Sign Post caps
  • Street sign holders
  • Hardware
  • Bases for concrete
  • Concrete bases
  • Wind load signs with springs
  • Zero ground disturbance

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