Guides & Anchors


Pipe support guides allow axial movement of pipe while restraining lateral movement and are used whenever the position of pipe has to be maintained on the supports. They are used to prevent the pipe from snaking after cycles of expansion and contraction. Guides may also be required on vertical runs to compensate for wind loads or on pump suction nozzles to minimize the transfer of thermal loads. Guides may limit lateral movement in one direction, two directions, or two directions and rotational movement. Guides may be provided as structural members on pipe shoes or as u-bolts or clamps.

Limit stops or line stops restrain pipe movement in axial directions but allow pipe movement perpendicular to the axial direction. A limit stop may be used in combination with guides to provide an anchor support.

Anchors prevent pipe translational movement and rotational movement.

Guides, anchors, and limit stops can be made of various metals and are often fabricated out of common bar, angle, channel, or beam sizes. They can be coated in any material but are often supplied bare to weld onto support structures.

We can fabricate guides, anchors, and limit stops to any specification.