5 – Bearings

Roller Bearings, Pipe Saddles, Cryogenic Pipe Supports
Horizontal pipe systems are supported over longer stretches by rolling or sliding support bearings and anchor points. To allow normal thermal movement, the support points are designed as either sliding or roller types.

Roller bearings are the optimum solution for pipe systems of larger diameters that are subjected to high loads as they feature high load-bearing capacity, great reliability and extremely low friction resistance.

Cryogenic pipe supports are normally used in industrial processes for the production, transport and distribution of liquefied gases. These can be propane and butane (LPG), methane (LNG), ethylene, nitrogen, or ammonia.


LISEGA Benefits:
• Maintaining a minimum rolling resistance (max. 4%)
• Compensation of realistic transverse loads with double cone and double cylindrical roller bearings (35% of the support strength)
• In double cylindrical roller bearings, the entire vertical load can be accommodated by a single roll
• Compensation of transverse displacements is an option with sideways sliding designs
• Simple and safe design of lift-off restraints
• Pipe saddles allow for convenient load transfer into the tube wall
• Pipe saddle design minimizes heat transmission
• Hot-dip galvanized corrosion protection in all roller bearings
• Maintenance-free operation
• Roller axle made of stainless steel
• Teflon-bronze composite bushings
• Wide range of support diameters (OD 60 mm / 2.36 in – OD 1,350 mm / 53.15 in)
• High load capacity (max. support load 120 kN / 26,977.1 lbf)
• Low installation heights (see selection table for installation dimensions)
• Designed according to recognized international technical regulations and standards.