1 – Constants

Constant Hangers and Hanger Supports

Constant hangers and supports are used for piping and related components where higher levels of vertical travel occur and a constant stress is critical (i.e. vessels, tanks, etc). Constants have a special design that allows for transforming the spring force into a constant force through a large vertical displacement range. Their job is to transfer the working load over the whole travel area without any considerable deviations. The functional precision of the constant hangers is decisive for favorable long term behavior of the components involved.


LISEGA Benefits:

  • Symmetrical design ensures direct flow of forces through axis of symmetry.
  • Favorable power-weight ratios for reduced installation loads.
  • Arranged by load groups and travel ranges to simplify selection (modular system).
  • Consistent functional behavior due to high-quality corrosion protection and maintenance-free, chemically nickel-plated finishes.
  • Readily adaptable to the installation situation due to suitable designs and standardized accessories.
  • Double load-tube guiding of constant supports for transmission of side loads.
  • Secure connection of load chains due to load- and connection-compatible modular components.