3 – Snubbers & Shock Absorption

Dynamic Components

The absorption and transfer of dynamic loads requires specially designed supports and therefore the use of snubbers is preferred in thermally operated plant components. In a dynamic event, snubbers instantaneously provide a fixed, practically rigid connection between the component to be secured and the surrounding structure. In this way the dynamic energy from abrupt displacement can be absorbed at once and harmlessly dissipated. The thermal displacements during routine operation remain free of any significant resistance thanks to the specialized operating principles of the snubbers.


LISEGA Benefits:

  • Corrosion-resistant materials
  • Radiation-resistant and wear-resistant sealing systems
  • Vibration-resistant guides
  • Pressurized hydraulic system for optimal sealing
  • Dynamic functional behavior
  • Tested and approved for minimum 23 years maintenance-free operation
  • Lifespan of 60 years
  • Certified by suitability tests acc. to KTA 3205.3 and approvals acc. to ASME-NCA 3800