2 – Variable Spring Hangers & Supports

Variable Spring Hangers and Spring Supports

Spring hangers and spring supports are used to balance slight vertical displacements in the pipe system and structure. These components work on the basis of pre-set helical coil springs which exert a variable supporting load over the range of movement in accordance with their specified spring characteristics. Load variations resulting from this are limited through the stress analysis calculations, depending on the sensitivity of the piping.


LISEGA Benefits:

  • Five travel rangers from 0 to 400 mm / 0 to 15.75 in, load group C to load group 9.
  • Torque-free load application by covering the load and symmetry axis.
  • Favorable power-weight ratios for reduced installation loads.
  • Modular system simplifies selection (load groups and travel ranges).
  • Readily adaptable to the installation situation due to suitable designs and standardized accessories.
  • Secure connection of load chains due to load- and connection-compatible modular components.