Welding Plate SPL




Interface element to enable a welded connection of load chains, spring hangers etc. to Beam Section TP F. Our type “SPL universal” enables a welded connection to primary steel with flange width up to 300 mm. At the same time it’s possible to install type “SPL universal” to Beam Section TP F if a larger installation surface is needed.
The welding plate can be welded directly without previous treatment due to a corrosion-resistant weld-thru coating which is compatible with both the HDG surface of the siFramo section and the health and safety requirements of the welding process.


Depending on the type, different installation methods are recommended:

a) Installation of SPL F 80 or 100 with 4 Self Forming Screws FLS to Beam Section TP F.
b) Installation of SPL universal with Flange Screws SCR FLA TT M10 x 30 (part no. 116479) to Beam Section TP F.
c) Installation of SPL universal by means of 1 Assembly Set 5P M12 S to primary steel with flange width between 100 and 300 mm.


Technical Data

Type Installation surface
Mounting Plate size
SPL F 80 70 x 20 110 x 80 x 8
SPL F 100 80 x 80 180 x 90 x 8
SPL universal 220 x 220 370 x 370 x 12
Material: Steel, HCP
Type W
SPL F 80 0.5 1 113831
SPL F 100 1.0 1 113635
SPL universal 11.9 1 113636