Beam Bracket TKO F 80





Galvanised hollow-box-section with welded end-plate to serve as cantilever arm. May be used as a crossbar when combined with End Support STA/End Support WBD and 4 x Self Forming Screw FLS .

Scope of delivery

With pre-assembled End Cap ADK F 80.


Depending on the situation, different options are recommended:

a) Directly to building structure: 4 x suitable wall anchors
b) To traditional steel beams between 80 – 120 mm flange dimensions: 1x Assembly Set 5P M12 S
c) To traditional steel beams > 120 flange dimension: with on-demand Adaptor Plate (tbc)
d) To Sikla Simotec Steel Beams 100/120: with Bracket Plates FV 100/120 when positive mechanical connection required

Technical Data

Type L
Dimensions of base plate
Slots in base plate for
TKO F80-400 400 220 x 220 x 12 M12
TKO F80-800 800 220 x 220 x 12 M12
Configuration Base plate welded to Beam Section TP F 80
Base plate: Steel, HCP
Beam Section: Steel, HCP

Approvals / Compliance

CE mark
MPA tested

Type W
TKO F 80-400 6.6 1 192788
TKO F 80-800 9.2 1 192795