Assembly Set MS 5P MA




Element for connecting Beam Bracket TKO, Angled Beam Bracket SKO, End Support WBD or Pivot Joint GE F to a beam section.

Scope of delivery

Type Beam Clip
Support plate
Stop plate
HR trimming *
M12 MA S 4 x M12 4 x M12 4 x M12 4 x M12 x 80
M16 MA S 4 x M16 4 x M16 4 x M16 4 x M16 x 100

* HR trimming according EN 14399-3 consisting of: Hexagon bolt M12 or M16, 2 washers, 1 hexagon nut


1. Position stop plate on component to be mounted.
2. Position the Beam Clip with the slit side into the indentations of the stop plate and with the lug on the steel girder.
3. Install support plate and HR trimming and tighten accordingly.

The support plate secures a rectangular assembly of the bolt and prevents its shifting or bending stress. In conjunction with the HR trimming a continuous and predictable preload force is guaranteed. The stop plate ensures a tight fit of the Beam Clip.


Technical Data

Type Size range
Tightening torque MA
Fy permitted
per Beam Clip
Shear force load capacity Fz
per Set = 4 Beam Clips
M12 MA S 1 – 30 85 32.9 15.1 *
M16 MA S 4 – 40 150 39.1 16.7 *

* The specified data relate to the worst case with flange thicknesses 30 mm (M12) or 40 mm (M16) as well as a coefficient of adhesion µadhesion = 0.20.
A possibly operating tensile force Fy isn’t included.

Material: Steel, HCP
Type W
M12 MA S 1.6 10 114886
M16 MA S 2.8 10 114887