Metal Expansion Joints


Seiris’ metallic expansion joints are customized according to following constraints:

  • Temperature up to 1200°C
  • Pressure up to 70 Bars
  • Diameter’s dimensions from 15 to 7000

We manufacture various types of:

  • circular expansion joints: axial, lateral, with hinge, balanced Pressure.
  • Rectangular expansion joints: V and U shape

Pumped fluid: all kind of (acid or strong bases very agressiv when we go under dew point) : in order to adapt our products to those various conditions, we use following steels:

304 -304L – 316 – 316L -321-309-310-253 MA- 904L-317L, and also all types of INCONEL and HASTELLOY

Our metallic expansion joints are studied and manufactured and tested further to internationals standards: EJMA, ASME and AD Merkblatter.